Alvin Hanson & Lulu Metzer

Alvin Henry Hanson and Lulu Hazel Metzer were married on November 10, 1926 in Remer, Minnesota. They had three children, Darwin, Harlyn and Julie.

Alvin was born in Ham Lake, Anoka County, Minnesota.  His occupation is listed as a carpenter.

Hanson Family Home, Remer, MN (I'm guessing this is Alvin & Lu's home?)

"Lulu, Alvin, Ruth, Han"  Date Unknown

Alvin & Lu Hanson

Alvin Hanson 1939

Written on the back of this photo:  "Some that came with me Deering behind me, Salvastor, Hi, Demars and son".  We think Grandpa Alvin wrote this.  Daughter Julie wrote, "Nova Scotia he worked there during the war."
Harlyn Wesley Hanson 1929

Written on the back of the photo:  "Harlyn, Darwin, Cousin & Julie Hanson 'Playing school'", Date unknown

Harlyn, Julie and Darwin
Harlyn, Julie and Darwin, date unknown
Darwin, Harlyn, Lu, Alvin, Julie Hanson 1945

Harlyn Hanson, Guessing this is a High School graduation photo from West Valley High School, Millwood, Washington (probably 1947?)

Lulu Hanson, date unknown

Poem by Lulu Hanson, Date Unknown

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