Harlyn Hanson & Judy Simonson

Harlyn Hanson & Judy Simonson were married on (?).  They had four children, Vickey, Della, Wanda and Lori.

Harlyn & Judy Hanson Wedding Photo, Date Unknown

Harlyn & Vickey

Judy with Vickey and Della

Della, Judy, Harlyn & Vickey Hanson, Lulu & Alvin Hanson, Julie, Calvin & Judy Short

Harlyn Hanson, date unknown

Judy Hanson, date unknown

Harlyn Hanson, date unknown

Unknown, Harlyn Hanson, date unknown

House on Shattuck Road, Portland, OR

Harlyn built this party room downstairs in the house on Shattuck Road, Portland, OR

Judy and sister Jolee, Possibly Yellowstone Park, date unknown

Harlyn Hanson, unknown, date unknown
Phyllis?, Harlyn, Darwin & Calvin Short

Della & Vickey, Easter, date unknown
Vickey & Della, date unknown

Vickey school picture, date unknown

Della school picture, date unknown

Wanda school picture, date unknown

Wanda, Lori, Vickey, Della, House on Shattuck, Portland, OR 1962

Leo McKernan and Harlan, Party room on Shattuck, Portland, OR, date unknown

Harlyn & Lori, Hotel in Seaside, OR, date unknown

Lori school photo, 1969

Lori in snow, house on Shattuck Road, Portland OR, date unknown

Harlyn Hanson, Portland, OR, date unknown

Wanda, cousin Patty, Lori, Haunted Ghost Mine ride, Disneyland, 1971

Lori & Judy Christmas, Apartment in Portland, 1972

Lori & Della, Christmas, Apartment in Portland, 1972

Cousins Patty & Judy with Vickey and Della, Sun Valley, ID date unknown

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